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Memorial day is here so that means endless hours in the sun. (Thank God happy sunny days are here again!) In the need to enjoy our lazy summer days we often forget to take a few important steps to keeping our hair healthy in the heat.

#1 – Drink plenty

You’ve heard this one before but its an old trick that always works.  Not only does your hair benefit but you will feel amazing and your skin will have an amazing glow.  To make things more interesting, you can add cut oranges, cucumber,or whatever you’d like to your water to add flair to what may seem like a task.

#2 – Hydrate coils

This may be a new trick for you and one that will surely please a budgetista! Get a mini spray bottle and fill it with water + aloe vera (juice, no pulp). Carry it with you when you are out on those super hot days and spray your hair with the mixture as needed.  You can purchase these daily hair spritzers but this will cost you a lot less and deliver the same results.  Your hair will absolutely thank you!

#3 – Summer Products

Try to use products with water being the first or second ingredient listed on the bottle.  Hair without chemical treatment craves water, give it up!

 Use AMAZING  products like : 

 *Hydratherma Naturals, Moisture Boosting http://www.healthyhairjourney.com/, Deep Conditioning Treatment

*Bee Mine, Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz (http://beemineproducts.com/)