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So, it’s the day before my birthday and my excitement is steadily increasing.  I am so blessed to be here another year – happy & healthy! 

Every year, the plan is: 

(1) Get a fabulous look together  

So far, I’m still in pursuit of the right dress but I did get a cool NEW  accessory from a designer on the streets of Soho, NYC.  I don’t normally walk down Broadway any more, at least not on the weekend ( too crowded & overrated) but while on a mission to find a docking station at Bose I bumped into Angelo’s table on and he made me custom 4-finger ring. Skip to “The Lush Lust List” page for more details. 

Loving the pattern but it's so time for a good wash

Washing the hair tonight to get a fresh look but I’m loving my curls right now, it’s so soft and super curly. This week  I will be using Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Pear Conditioning Shampoo. I usually make my own conditioners, this week I will probably mix a grapefruit mint conditioner.   

Loving my curl pattern!


   The Recipe: Grapefruit mint conditioner 

– Mix 1/2 cup of distilled water, 1/2 cup aloe vera, 2tbs glycerine, 2tbs cetearyl alcohol(after melted), 1tbs rosemary oil, 1tbs thyme oil, 1tbs vitamin E, 2 drops each of grapefruit and peppermint essential oil.**Feel free to ask me questions about creating your own conditioners or where to get ingredients. 


(2) Do something new and different 

In April, I got the amazing opportunity to meet Tom Watson.  I know most of you are like Tom who??? Trust me when I say this, he is one of the best players in the history of golf.  Meeting him inspired me to get out there and try my hand at golf.  Lets hope it all goes well.   

(3) Reflect and focus on goals going forward 

Just as most would do around the new year, around the time of my birthday, I think about all the goals I have made for myself and reflect on all that has happened in my life that year. In all, I am proud of my accomplishments. I’m truly blessed to be alive, healthy and to have people in my life that love and support me! 

(4) Buy myself a gift  

First of all, I love music and secondly, it makes me even happier to hear music with flawless sound. My Phillips boom 

Nina Simone

box is still ticking after 10 years but I think it time for an upgrade. Yesterday I purchased the Bose Sound Dock Portable.  The sound is incredible!! Just flawless! Played my new Nina Simone CD set, “To Be Free” ….oh my, too perfect for words! 



Stay tuned….next post I will share party pics, my complete look  + hair.