Happy Wednesday!
UrbanSerenity, one of the many lovely #naturalhair ladies (men too) on Twitter asked if anyone had any ideas for Natural Hair Style options for a wedding she will attend this weeekend. Below are some cool options I had for her (wish I had some cool pics too….looking forward to building a style guide) 
Option 1: Sweet & Simple Curly Ringlets
Twist hair overnight after wash. Twist out the day of, moisturize and place twist out ringlets in desired position.Add one bright-colored flower to the side of the hair and secure with a bobby pin.

Option 2: Lovely Up do
Place hair into a WIDE ponytail. Twist (medium size twists) ALL of the hair within the ponytail then pin down the hair around the ponytail. Add finishing moisture.

Option 3: AvantGarde Up do
Brush hair up. Take random sections of the hair and fold them over in different directions. Be creative and form your own asymmetrical up do shape. Add finishing moisture.

Found a cool site, go here for more ideas and pics
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