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To some degree, the way you think and the way you live your life can affect your physical health, hair skin and nail growth.

Have you ever gotten sick oddly out of nowhere? Stress can sometimes be a catalyst that causes random ailment. Life at times can get very stressful so finding the balance can sometimes be difficult. Sure a great day at the spa would help (really help!) but a quick trick that always helps alleviate stress is to stay positive. 

Step 1: Take a deep breath

Step 2: Think positive

Step 3: Remember that troubles don’t last always. It will get better

Positive Note #1: Sent to me by my dear friend Carla C. (Thanks girl!!) Written by Ralph Marston


GROW || 6.29.2010 || RALPH MARSTON

They say it’s impossible, but what does that really mean? They say it’s impossible, but what do they know?

You can dream, you can plan, you can learn, you can think and you can do. Do you realize what a powerful position that puts you in? Do you? With it, you can transform what’s impossible into rock-solid reality. And you can start right now, where you are, with whatever you have. No more excuses.

You have value. Great value. Unique value. Something in you knows that. Listen to it. Act on it. Let it flow out from you. You have a beautiful gift to give the world, and in the giving of that gift you will enjoy sweet and satisfying fulfillment.

If you could feel exactly the way you wanted to feel, exactly how would that be? Feel it right now. Give yourself a little taste. Then get busy and fill your whole life, your whole world with that feeling that comes from the best of who you are.

Sure, it would be easier to sit around, do nothing, be comfortable, listen to the naysayers and let your beautiful, unique value go to waste. But easy is overrated. Greatness is what you deserve. Your own special greatness is waiting for you to take the risks, to do the work, to make the effort, to forget that it’s considered impossible, and to bring it gloriously to life. 

– LC