Do you what it’s like to finally find out what makes your hair super soft, moist and tangle-free? 



If you do, congrats as it’s an amazing feeling to FINALLY know what works best for your hair.  If you are still figuring this out, maybe what I am  about to share with you will help. But there are two key things to remember. 

1 – Have no expectations. Try and try and try again till you get it right!

Everyone’s hair is different.  What works for me may not work for you.  I’m hoping that my current regimen works for someone but don’t  expect the same results. If it works for you, FABULOUS! If not, alter it and/or try other products or methods.

2- Don’t give Up!

It’s not easy finding out what works for your hair.  It takes patience and time to do the research. It can be discouraging to constantly try over and over again. Especially if you are constantly on the go, you may just want to give up – Don’t!  There are so many of us out here who can testify that we were once in your shoes.  Your hard work will ultimately pay off.

My regimen always changes especially as my hair gets longer.  This is my current regimen at 7″ in hair length.


Step 1 – Always start with a Pre-poo or Co-wash

On dry hair place my Lavender Mint conditioner mix (or your own) on hair in sections. After applying a generous (don’t be scared) amount on a section, comb conditioner through hair to detangle and then two-strand twist and move onto another section until entire head is complete. This initial process is the secret to tangle-free manageable hair.

The Recipe: Lavender mint conditioner

 Mix 1/2 cup of distilled water, 1/2 cup aloe vera, 2tbs glycerine, 2tbs cetearyl alcohol(after melted), 5tbs EVOO, 5tbs Rice Bran oil, 1tbs vitamin E, 2 drops each of lavender and peppermint essential oil then blend well with a hand-held mixer.

Step 2 – 

If I’ve just Co-washed – I wash out the conditioner (not completely) while gently unraveling my twists.

If I’ve just Pre-poo’d – I gently wash my hair with Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Pear Conditioning Shampoo while hair is in twists then follow-up with a deep conditioner.  Leave in conditioner for a 15-20 min (or longer) and then partially rinse out. My hair is NEVER absolutely clean.  This process gets rid of the dirt while keeping some moisture in – great for my naturally curly coils!

Step 3 – On wet hair, spray Bee Mine Moisturizing daily spray or Oyin Handmade Greg Juice but at most times I use a mixture of my favorite oils, and aloe vera juice instead. It works just as good!

Step 4 – I part my hair into small sections and two-strand twist, adding a little shea butter while twisting or Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding. Then I add some Jamaican Castor Oil to my scalp  and ends and  leave hair to set overnight. This seals in the moisture perfectly.

Step 5 – The next day I unravel twists to soft amazing coils and finger style.

Step 6Every Night: I ALWAYS add aloe vera juice and a mixture of my favorite oils to my scalp and ends then cover with a satin cap.