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I recently attended the 2nd Annual Heads UP event – “A Soulful Celebration of our HAIRitage”.  It was my first “natural hair” event  and one that was full of compelling discussion that I will share with you in another post. At this event, on the discussion panel was a compelling brother that goes by  the name Supa Nova Slom, son of Queen Afua. At the mention of his name I tried to think of why it was so familiar yet I could not remember why.  Then his name channeled thoughts of associations with rap music but there was no mention of it during his bio. Intrigued and pleased with his examination and feedback of the subjects at hand, I became curious to know, who is Supa Nova Slom?

Supa Nova Slom is a renaissance man. He is by NO means limited to these titles but he wears the hat of Conscience Community Activist, Wellness Guru, filmmaker, Author, Rapper, Singer, Musician, Visionary Leader…

In my search to find out who Supa Nova Slom is, I came across his song called Midnite.  I am two years late but LOVE this song. Check out the video below and his latest book, The Remedy . Oh and his website is beyond super cool – http://www.supanovaslom.com Dont cheat yourself, check him out!