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 A huge hand clap goes out to Sesame Street for promoting self-acceptance within young girls. Their video below “I Love My Hair” is hopefully the beginning of a trend.  Encouragement from parents and family should foster self acceptance but in today’s society many kids may find validation within the media. I’m so glad Sesame Street is on the case, catching them at an early age. When a young girl learns to love herself, most times she will avoid issues like teenage sex, STD’s, teenage pregnancy, gangs, etc. Accepting yourself is that powerful!!! It promotes confidence that helps kids grow into teens that will hopefully respect themselves enough make the right decisions.

Excerpt from lyrics of “I Love My Hair”

 I love my hair, so I must declare:
I really, really, really love my hair.
Wear a clippy or in a bow,
Or let it sit in an afro,
My hair looks good in a cornrow,
It does so many things you know, that’s why I let it grow.

The remix to the video with Willow Smith’s song “Whip My Hair” (btw, I’m so in love this song) is just awesome!