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Thelma Golden, Director of the Studio Museum in Harlem is fearless in everything that she does. She is certainly not afraid to rock a short natural do.  In the November 2010 issue of O Magazine, article titled Unique Chic, Golden talks about her natural hair being her signature style.

Excerpt from the article:

 ”For the first half of my life, I wore every kind of hairstyle—from a chin-length bob to an asymmetrical do. I felt like a different person in each one, which was interesting, but it was also confusing. I never really felt like myself until I cut all my hair off in my mid-20s. I only did it to get rid of the damage from a bad relaxer, and I thought it would be a temporary style. But I never looked back. My hair hasn’t been longer than an inch in the past 20 years. Sometimes you try for a long time to figure something out, and then you get it—and you just know.”