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Big-up to Brooklyn!



“…..the city I live in, is beautiful Brooklyn
Long as I live here believe I’m on fire hey
Cuz it’s the B-the-R-the-O-the-O-K
L-Y-N is the place where I stay” –  Mos Def


Like the Mighty Mos, I can’t get enough of my beloved BK .  Living here truly feels comfortable and warm like HOME ( & tomato basil soup).  I’ve never really been afraid to be myself but if a curly girl or guy were to ever feel “less-than”, Brooklyn would be that auntie that would feed you a good meal then pull you towards her bosom to give you the biggest hug you’ve ever had. 

It’s cool to BE YOURSELF – whether that is natural hair, relaxed, weaved, bald, braided, bone straight or whatever. But without a doubt, it almost feels like Brooklyn is the one place that natural hair is the norm. From my personal observation it appears that at least 7 out of 10 people have  natural hair in Brooklyn.

Naikeya Haley, a lovely natural hair enthusiast (fellow curly girl) and writer of Brooklyn Natural Hair Examiner sounds off of ALL things Brooklyn and ALL things natural hair. She too noticed the natural hair movement in Brooklyn and featured some of Brooklyn’s own natural hair bloggers ( including myself ) that find great pleasure in sharing our “natural hair” world with you!

 The article comes in two parts: Brooklyn natural hair bloggers: Part one  &  Brooklyn natural hair bloggers: Part two

Featured bloggers include:

Kinky Curly Coily Me

 The Naturalista Files

 Miss Moons Musings

Savvy Brown

 Honey Brown Sugar