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Curly Girl Chronicles: Good Friends, Williamsburg, & Nashemia Jewelry



Last weekend my best-girl Mariama came down from Boston and we let ourselves loose in Williamsburg on Sunday.  You  know when you  have not talked to a good friend for a long time and when you get together to catch-up & EXHALE its like you remember why you’re good friends who love and respect each other( good friends are hard to find so cherish them).

 We had brunch at The Loving Cup Cafe. The food was AMAZING + the bottomless mimosa were great but please note: to avoid disappointment, ask for your mimosa w/o ice – don’t ask.   We continued our adventures at the Artists&Fleas market. In the center left corner of the market was a woman with golden curly hair and a golden smile.  With irresistible delight she welcomed us to her table of handmade jewelry treats –  ” Hi, I saw when you girls walked  in and I was hoping you were coming over.  This is Nashemia Jewelry.”  Self taught, she creates her uniquely colorful jewelry by oxidizing the metal. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like her designs – Nashemia jewelry is super unique.  Mariama and I not only fell in love with  Nashemia and her jewelry but we fell in love with her daughter who was there to support her mother.  We were so comfortable with them both that we began to lose touch with time. 

What I loved most of all is that Nashemia is a  fellow CURLY GIRL! Fearlessly natural she was rocking a curly hawk.  Her daughter showed us pictures of some of her mothers former hair styles – (I think we all could create a hair log from the images in our digital cameras, its interesting to look back at all the hair styles you’ve had). I asked her about her new style –  “It’s so easy,” she said.  Her regime is very easy, she simply depends on wash&go styling.

That day I kept my coiled tendrils tucked away  under my #1 protective style – the wig while my girlfriend rocked a braided hawk that I am so in love with – it lasts her about two weeks. To maintain the style she lightly moisturizes  her scalp and ends, braids the hair that is loose and then wraps it with a satin scarf before bed. In the morning, she sprays the top with a little water, upbraids/detangles top, adds moisturizer, finger styles and she is out the door.