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It almost feels like the New Year (for me) has just begun.  Jan – March was an absolute extension of 2010 – things just were at a standstill, a very muddy period.  Going into April, things are not all clear but I  feel a slight sense of clarity (absolution)…..something things are not ALWAYS peachy and FABULOUS ( and its ok! Remember that song: “Trouble don’t last always) but I’m super excited for what I have planned. How is your 2011 so far?

Meanwhile ……….

This week I explored/discovered a couple of things:

  1. STRESS on the HAIR: While I was stressing out for the past 3 months, my hair began to shed like crazy.  So it’s confirmed: stress = hair shedding & weight gain ( but you and I both already knew that right).  I’m nursing it back to health. So its, back to the gym, water and MORE WATER, back to not taking things too seriously (life is short – ENJOY IT!), & back on track with my personal and professional goals.
  2. ART & SENSE: Yea, I’m a sucker for art. Downtown Brooklyn is a real live open gallery. I discovered Cekis aka Nelson Rivas ( see pic above) . At the March Target 1st Saturday at Brooklyn Museum, I discovered Hank Willis Thomas . His photography work titled “Unbranded”was on display.  At the first sight of a fro, I was immediately drawn into the exhibit. The collection was composed of magazine Ads marketed towards African-Americans. He stripped the advertisments of all copy  – leaving the image naked, allowing the image to speak for itself.   Lorna Simpson: Gathered was also a special treat!

    Photo Credit: Hank Willis Thomas

  3. DELIGHTFUL PEARS: Who really eats pears anymore?  I do (now)! You would be surprised to know that pears are a great source of high-fiber. I find pears to be a “lovely” fruit.  They have a certain elegance – soft, sweet, and suppleness. There must be a reason why they call them the “gift of the gods.” If you don’t know the magic in getting a substantial daily dose of fiber, click here! Your body will thank you.

– ♥ LC

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