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Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself –  “Oh, what amazing hair!  I just wish my hair would curl like that”

I’m not a jealous person, its admiration more than anything.   Admiration for “perfectly” defined luscious curly coils and I can’t help but stare & at most times I must say,  ” I your hair!”

On the bus today,  I collected a new unsuspecting curl-envy victim.  You can’t quite see it in the picture but she had definition to die for!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have definition ( it exists)…..especially when its wet or when conditioner is in my hair. See —–>It’s there but when my hair is dry, it’s almost like “what definition??!?!?!?”  At that point, I usually resort to man-made methods like the two strand twist or braid outs.

Maybe there is a method/product to sustaining  “natural” definition when my hair dries? Maybe I’ve been too busy wigging it up to notice?  I’m going to need to spend some 1-on-1 time with my hair ( maybe even go wig free for a while) & do a little research.

Stay tuned for my findings/results. If you have any tips PLEASE share!  I just might work for me.

To be continued………….

– ♥ LC

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