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Dear CURLfriends,

I’m starting to realize that no twist-outs are ever the same (EVER!).  But when its good, its GREAT and it makes this lady very very happy.  This twist-out came from

  • freshly washed hair: Pre-poo with peppermint extra virgin olive oil and Trader Joes condish ($2 at TJ stores) | Twist hair |Poo with Burt’s Bees Green Tea & Fennel Seed Shampoo |  Come again with Trader Joes condish and leave in with muti-oil herb mix (i never forget to give my scalp some love with a nice massage)
  • part into 4 even sections and two-strand twist wet hair with raw shea butter (heavy on the butter)
  • when done twisting hair looks like a glob of white mess but let it sit in the twists for a day for magic to happen

LOOK , See———–>

– ♥ LC

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