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President Obama and Michelle Obama were on Oprah Winfrey and LushCoils made it to Natural Nina’s  “Featured Natural Beauties” . Click here for the full interview!

Excerpt from the blog post:
Did you transition from a relaxer, or did you do the big chop?
Big chop baby!!

Then I later began to wear wigs.


What is your current hair care routine?
It changes as do more research but my goal is to always keep it simple!

I Co-wash weekly especially after workouts.
I constantly keep my ends moisturized in the morning and especially before bed I will wet my hair with peppermint or rosemary water then follow-up with an oil or shea
At the end of the week I may deep condition, henna, or clarify( once every 2-3 months)

My schedule can be often crazy so my go-to protective style are wigs.  I mostly make my own wigs and wear them during most of the week.  I love my wigs, they are a lifesaver because they save me time + they keep me from playing in my hair all day.  I LOVE playing in my natural hair! It’s a serious problem!

Has your perspective of beauty changed, since you’ve made the choice
to wear your hair natural? How so?

No, not at all. For me, when looking at beauty, it consists of the overall character of a person in combination with the physical.

Yes, natural hair, naturally curly is beautiful but whether your relaxed, processed, dreaded, bald, colored electric blue, Wave Nuevo , Jerry curl, bone straight, kinky, etc is all beautiful to me

Drones are boring…
I come from the school of “Do you boo!”

What advice would you give to other women who may be considering the natural journey?

Do your research!
Try, try, try & try again!

Get to know your hair. If you have the knowledge then practice trial&error, then caring for you hair becomes so much easier. I always say, if I had the tools the second time around, I would not have given up.

Every ones hair is different! What works for me won’t necessarily work for you but these are some simple rules may help:+ water is your friend. Spray your hair daily when styling or to lock in moisture daily

+ try to avoid dry styling

+ find a protective style that works best for you

+ handle your ends like fine lace

+cover hair with a silk/satin scarf


– ♥ LC

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