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Raphael Saadiq is just one of those rare extraordinary talents that can’t help but feed the souls of the world with music that makes us FEEL. My favorite album in particular is “INSTANT VINTAGE” [ which stays on constant repeat] On the heels of his newly released album  “STONE ROLLIN,” I caught Ray Ray’s show at Hammerstein Ballroom. What a treat!

Ray Ray showed-out in an updated 60’s form at Hammerstein Ballroom earlier this month. We were all exported back the 60’s, Motown vibe just for a few hours – ready to feel somethin’.   The opening number wasn’t as slick as his swag, it was HARD, LIVE & all the way electric. Decked out sharp in a black bell tux pant with black frames, pointed shoes and a loud white striking version of Lucille strapped around his chest.  In a quick attack, the electricity  began to spark the crowd and a sea of hands began to dance and clap.  The entire band was outfitted as only gentlemen would be – in sleek black fitted suits. Oh the lady to his right was oh so bad! She had a wicked voice, rocking white patent leather boots, bell sleeved velvet dress, a strong bob haircut and extra large hoop earrings. Conjuring the spirit of Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye ,Ray Ray performed “Love that Girl” and the room swayed  in sync then on to”Keep Marchin'”….. a feeling that Frankie Lymon just hit the stage came over us.

When you least suspected it, things simmered down.  The plan of seduction and arousal  began. Elevating emotions and a constant of soothing sounds that feed the spirit with the right notes at the right time. Just as you thought you were coming…..to the edge, he took it back to Lucy Pearl “Dance tonight”  Oh yes!!!! Then he lays us out with what sounds like it has a twang of blues…….all I can say at this point is WOW

Appropriately, he finishes with the spirit…we went to church. Amen!

The comeback included a wardrobe change brown ranger inspired hat, denim blazer jacket with a fixed pocket square. Contrasting wash denim pants cuffed twice and rolled short  sleeve button-down plaid flannel finished off with a black studded belt.

Surprisingly the take away of it all was the encore.  Ray Ray gave his keyboard player the floor and all orifices opened up. The voice on this man [I hear his name is Charles] gave me goosebumps and shakes. I need his voice on my i-pod like yesterday. There is no real way to describe his voice but I imagine if there were male sirens, he would have been one.

Do your soul a favor and check out STONE ROLLIN’


– SS