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After almost two years of being natural, you would almost think you should know it all or at least you feel like you do but I’ve realized that this is not the case. Like everything else in life, you are always learning something new. So, its OK.  RELAX, you will NOT know everything. Believe it or not, discovery is the beauty of the process. Every day I learn something new about my hair and as it grows and matures, so do I!

During the work week my protective style are my wigs.  Now that the summer is here and I’ve been going thru a ‘evolution of me’ era in my life, I’ve decided to unveil the tendrils during my work week.  After being a slave to my new routine of “co-wash, twist & twist out,” this week after my wash, I decided to try something different so I picked up my dryer.  I’ve always strayed away from the dryer as the idea of applying heat to my hair gave me chills but I could definitely work with a cool air setting.

On semi-damp hair coated with one of my random homemade liquid hair mixtures. This one contained olive oil, silk protein, sunflower oil, rosemary oil, & water. I applied the cool air to my hair [separated in sections] after detangling with a wide tooth comb and combing thru twice with my Denman  brush………..

SIDE BAR: Since I bought my Denman almost a year ago, I’ve never used it.  Based of what I’ve heard in the #naturalhair community, I knew it was a GREAT hair tool but I never heard WHY it was great and HOW it should be used – [maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place for info].  So I went digging again for info and discovered the Denman is GREAT for straightening. If  I wanted to optimize my length, the Denman would do the trick.

………..then lightly coat hair with Shea butter [I like to lay it on heavy on the ends] and then two-strand twist.  I’ve never been concerned with my shrinkage nor concerned with showing my true length but after this first cold blow-out, I’m must say that seeing more of my length made me slightly ecstatic. I experienced some frizz action so I will need to adjust my technique a few times but the body and movement gave me more reasons to randomly toss my hair for no particular reason.    

Lessons of the day:

a- Be open to learn from your mistakes. You don’t know it all

b- Trial & error is key to success

c- Work on my blow out strategy while maintaining curl definition and eliminating frizz      

– ♥ LC

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