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Dear AfroBlush,
Before I answer that let me just say that I am not a beautician so the advice I am about to give you is based on my knowledge of hair through experience, research and conversations with beauticians.  Also, everyone’s hair is different so what works for one person might not work for the next.
Considering that, neither dying or relaxing your hair is necessarily damaging. The two processes are a threat to damaging your hair if they are not properly applied and/or maintained by a professional.  As long as your color is carefully maintained by a licences beautician and your hair agrees with dye then you should be ok.  But if you are doing that and your hair is responding negatively, then dye may not be good for your hair – therefore damaging.
I’ve never had a dye [you are braver than I ] but I’ve had a relaxer. In my experience I loved my relaxed hair.  Actually I had healthy hair during my relaxer years. This was largely due to investing time at the salon and attention to maintenance.  I think the same goes for natural hair – time and maintenance are essential for healthy hair and maintaining length.
KEY WORD: Maintenance
Unfortunately, there is no easy way out – avoiding damage comes at a cost so the lesson of the day is…..
Lessons of the day:
a- Have a licensed professional apply and maintain your color
b- If your hair responds negatively even with maintenance, then its time to throw in the towel [ or try the next best thing, a rinse]

– ♥ LC

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