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Dear CURLfriends,

First, I must apologize to those who were expecting this post weeks ago [ SORRY!:-)].

With that out-of-the-way, I must say that I scored a some lovely pieces during my road trip thru Maryland and Pennsylvania and I would love to share my vintage haul with you. All the pieces I got are for women as I don’t think I have any male CURLfriends out there or DO I?? Dudes, if you are out there and are listening[reading], give me a shout [on Twitter or my Facebook page ] so next time I can give you the attention that you so rightfully deserve.

Below are pics of my vintage finds.  I tried my absolute best to get items that I thought would interest various taste levels [not just my own].

You ask, how to YOU can win your vintage favs:

Well, I’m keeping things super simple and exciting. All you have to do is comment, LIKE, respond, RT ( re-tweet), follow, subscribe OR just interact with me on my Facebook, blog or Twitter page at some point starting TODAY until the items are all gone.  From those people, I will then randomly select winners as I go until the gifts run out.  When contacted by me, you then have the option to choose your vintage find.

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise GO for favorite VINTAGE GIFT item.


Red Belt: one size (stretch)

Jacket: Size 10/Med


– ♥ LC

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