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Dear CURLfriends,


Lets just be honest.


Natural hair is not easy sometimes.  Like anything else in life, it can be a challenge to discover what works best for your hair.  My approach is to keep things SIMPLE. When I find that something works, I stick to it until its time to adjust the approach. As they say, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it‘  meanwhile I would also say, ‘if it don’t work, edit, edit, and edit some more.’

A couple of weeks ago I discovered something new that I’ve added to my regimen.  It’s not a completely new idea as I’ve heard veteran naturals do it but it’s completely new to me.  So the new thing is that I keep my wash-out conditioner in for at least 24hrs – 2 days under a plastic cap with sectioned hair.

Let me start from the beginning —–

One Friday night I just feel asleep with my wash-out conditioner mix in my hair and I didn’t have time nor the energy to wash it all out until Sunday [a girl on the GO certainly]. After I washed it out, my hair felt SO soft, like silk almost. Usually, when I use the Amla oil and conditioner as a pre-poo/ deep conditioner I’ve achieved the same effect but this was an enhanced outcome. The feeling maintained throughout the week and I could feel and see the difference.  My hair was brilliant in color and I could easily comb thru it with my wide tooth.

I call this my silkening technique and the ingredients are real SIMPLE: Organix Coconut milk Conditioner and Amla Oil [LOVE this stuff!]


I’m not positive that this will have the same effect on your hair OR if another brand of conditioner/oil combo will work the same [it probably would work great especially if you use a ‘good’ conditioner & the more oils the better I’m sure].  Maybe it will or maybe it wont.  It’s certainly worth a try.  What do you have to lose?


– ♥ LC

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