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As Clutch promised, the new web series, “Milk + Honey,” the brainchild Idris Elba is finally HERE!!!  It stars the lovely Lance Gross, Bryce Wilson, and Debbie Allen and other TALENTED folk. The new web series is based on the lives of four aspirational women living, loving and working in LA. The creative minds behind the series Asha Kamali, Jeanette Mc Duffie, and Dana Gills who make up the film, TV, and Multimedia production company Brown Paper Dolls. Whoever the stylist are, they get an A++…I’m loving the fresh looks on all of the characters + I see a lot of Nia in me. The episode also features my favorite song by J*Davey “Quicksand” so there is no way I can dislike it but what do you think kids?