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Tonight for the first time ever, I tuned in to The X Factor tonight. I have no good excuse for avoiding the show.  Actually, I wouldn’t use the word avoid.  Overlooked is more accurate.  When I made my final decision, LeRoy Bell began to sing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2.  His voice commanded my immediate attention.  Changing the channel was not my ambition.  He had my full attention. Following the performance Simon then mentioned he was 60 yo.  Originally, I thought I mis-heard him and then it was confirmed [ by Paula?].  All I remember is the feeling LeRoy Bell left on my soul. Relentless and wanting the feeling to last, I YouTubed’ Bell to no end!

One of my favorite songs SO FAR.

Are you guys into him as much as I am? [please SAY YES]


– ♥ LC

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