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Hey there CURLfriends!

I can no longer deny it!

Fall is clearly here to stay. Finally, I’ve come to realize that winter is closely approaching. So I will refrain from prolonging the closet change process.

With focusing on my Fall 2011 wardrobe there is some thought given to my Fall 11 protective style.  I think the protective style or any hair style in general is apart of the outfit – it completes the look! I know I’m not the only one who thinks that hair and the look should absolutely coordinate or at least respect each other. If I am the only once then so be it!

When making the closet change, I start with the same ideas…….


STEP #1 – Shop my closet: I have a good habit for keeping things for a long time.  Especially if it’s a classic or if you love it, KEEP IT.  Some of the best pieces are already in your closet.  Just take them out from storage and put them to good use.

– Lady like handbag

-Suede skirt or shorts

-Cool knit sweaters

-Boots, Boots & more boots

-Suede booties

-sweet & simple jewelry

STEP #2 – Shop fill-in pieces & key items for the season: The  layered look not only keeps you warm, it elevates the look by 1,000% (…no kidding!)

– crew neck tops

– white tees

-Special pieces like bright-colored accents, muted winter florals (check your closets as you may have from 2 years ago), tweed blazers, maxi skirts, monochromatic looks

STEP #3 – Put it ALL together: Spend some time to step back, look at the pieces individually and then connect the dots. Sometimes this makes it easier so that you are not stuck with a piece that is collecting dust because you are wondering how you are going to wear it.  As my beloved Tim Gunn would say, “MAKE IT WORK (dang it!)”


The hair should be fairly easy right? Well, I’m having trouble deciding what protective style I want.  Honestly, I want to keep on rocking my fro out LOUND-N-PROUD but as you all know, the protective style is key.  It’s just time for me to give it a real break especially since I will be extremely busy in the upcoming weeks.  So its down to the following:

1 – A curly weave that I did a couple of weeks ago ( I kinda feel like been there, done that)

2 -A straight bob weave (?????)

3 –  SUPER LONG Twist extensions ( also been there, done that but round 2 will work right???)

Whatever it is, I will need to decide soon + it will need to work well with my outerwear.

I would love to know what you Fall 11 protective style is.  What are you wearing on your head and on your body?? Do share here or on FB ——-> HERE

– ♥ LC

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