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I found this article in the New York Times yesterday by ANGELA STANLEY particularly interesting and I wanted to share it with you [CLICK HERE to read the full article]. As the writer mentions, this argument is nothing new as we have watched all the popular media outlets let everyone IN THE WORLD know that black women are in “trouble” and may never get married. As Angela touches on the reactions she encounters with her family, I couldn’t help but share a  comment her 80ish yo aunt makes every time they are in each others presence –

“Maybe if you’d just straighten your hair you’d be able to find a man.”

OOhhhewww NO! I can just imagined at that moment as I was reading the words, how I would have felt if I were in her shoes. Not only are you already overwhelmed with being single but you have to suffer from constant criticism from family.

For myself, when it comes to that time, I rather be single than settle. But then again, I’m not necessarily disregarding other races. No, I’m not using it as a solution – I’m just open to whatever color LOVE comes in.

Another thing I found interesting is that the number of black men between the ages of 25 and 29 who have never been married is higher than black women yet the focus of the discussion has always been on the black woman – Why is that? She thinks it’s a continuation of the historical and present day attack on black people.. I don’t agree with her but I also don’t have an alternate thought of why this is the case.

What do you think?

– ♥ LC

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