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The very first time I set foot in Brooklyn was in my early teens.  A young girl from Langley Park who landed in Queens, NY joined a Saturday youth group who takes the class out on a field trip to show us what culture was.  What I discovered was my future life. There were young men and women who looked “free” in spirit, SpikeMoshood, and a local African spot that had the best okra dish I ever had in my life….this was IT, I knew then that I had to find my way back to Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It was already home.

Fast forward……………………..Fort Greene/Clinton Hill is now my HOME.

Then I see this awesome movie by Spike.  Again, It changes me as a young woman. If you don’t know who she is, you may want to fix that <HERE>. She’s Gotta Have It was shot by Spike Lee in Fort Greene. His very first feature film – funny, daring & honest!

No, I am not exactly like Nola but I take with me her CONFIDENCE and her spirit to just be exactly who she is.


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