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Dear CURLfriends,

For the past (6) months I’ve been straight-up ‘wigging it.’

Whoever said its easier being a CURLY GIRL on the GO is telling white tales.  By no means do I have the kind of natural hair that requires very little work – this is a process.  A process I LOVE and don’t mind going thru on the weekends.  When it comes to my work week, I have NO time to fuss and style.  In the mornings, I’m already deliberating my outfit for the day, then to bring the hair into the mix, it adds another hour of comparative thought and styling time.  Why bother when I can just snap on an instant style within seconds and head for the door. This is just what works best for me at the moment.  In addition… YES, I love my #naturalhair but I believe that hair is JUST hair! I will never chemically process my hair again [EVER! (my choice)] but I’m open to trying-out my options.  For me, STRAIGHT hair is not the villain, unhealthy hair is!

My current favorite wig brand is the Vivica A. Fox Hair collection. Yes, Vivica clearly knows hair! I’m specifically into the Pure Stretch Cap synthetic collection that has the NEW FUTURA technology that allows for a softer texture that comes very close to human hair and you also have the ability to easily flat-iron on low heat. Right now, no matter how terrified I look in the picture below, please believe I’m having STRAIGHT fun with CINDY-Y in a 1b (pictured below) and RUSH (as pictured above – orange dress). These wigs are light weight.  The style options are unlimited – curly, straight and everything in between. Also affordably priced – [around $35] and perfect for a gurl-on-the-go.




— Quick styling option

— Protective Style: Less fuss = Less hair breakage

— Style options are unlimited. Total freedom to get creative without incurring hair damage

— Awesome for transitioning tool from that ‘in between’ length


— It could look ‘wiggy’ if you don’t find one that compliments you

— If not careful to use the appropriate wig caps, it can cause damage to your edges

— It’s NOT yours

 QUESTION!: What are your thoughts on wigs?


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Photo Credit: Reggo of NY