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Dorothy is a long way from Brooklyn.

A four-hour drive to a place where I still call HOME – the great state of Maryland. Washington, where I was born and Langley Park where I played double dutch, hop scotch and tag daily with my neighbourhood friends and best gurl Priscilla who’s Mexican grandparents wouldn’t let me play to close to their patio because he said I was a “negrita” [ that’s another post]. In all, it was great growing up in Maryland.

I’m back here for an extended stay purposely to get back to what’s important – family. My experience is something like listening to Grandparents tell those heyday stories, younger cousins lovingly annoy you to no end,and seeing auntie and uncles new baby.

Living in the big city, one can easily forget to slow down and catch up with what brings value to life. Family has a way of reminding you where you come from while time away has the ability to bring your stress level down. The experience allows time to reflect and figure out ways to simplify life as much as possible or at least that’s the effect Maryland has on me. This week I’m pressing the reset button.

What promotes you to push your reset button?



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