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 HEY CURLfriends,

We certainly go through our day-to-day issues RIGHT? [Can I get an AMEN!]

Like, the daily knotted kinks, shrinkage, finding the right products, searching for the energy to prepare our hair before bed, and the list can go ON and ON!

Remember Isis Brantley? She was the woman who got stopped by the TSA, who searched her afro for weapons in Atlanta last year. The same thing happened to my boss, a fellow CURLYgirl and I wonder if we should now expect to add a potential fro search to our list of expectations when traveling – Is this another issue to consider?


My boss, who has curly hair, got a hair pat-down from the TSA in West Palm Beach this past weekend. When she asked why, the TSA agent said, “the security machine was calibrated for straight hair like mine.” {insert GASP HERE!!}


If this happened to you, what would you do?

How would you respond?

What do you think of the TSA agents reply?

Sound off!