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The Occasion: He put a ring on it!  [Not on my finger {yet}. My girlfriend Crystal was the lucky lady.]


I’ve heard the tales of DOHYO’s Sunday Brunch splendors. Tucked away on 10th ave and 42nd street on the (5th floor) in the early afternoon, club kids, gangsters, beauty queens, vixens, backpackers, ladies who lunch, and all of the in-between were all in the room together at the most phenomenal brunch scene ever!  Upon entering, house music bumped over mimosas, small plates with a Latin-Asian cuisine, an MC with lots to say, pink wigs, impromptu fashion shows and YOU are the model & much more.  The world was ours for 2 hours – unlimited everything!

As we toasted to Crystal engagement in total elation – “HE PUT A RING on it”, CHEERS.” Richie Rich joined in our merriment and topped off my day with good wishes and great conversation. Two words that described the overall brunch experience would be – ” Crass with Class”

Come next month for my birthday, guess where (1) of my celebrations will be.  A girl can’t get enough! Check out the pics below & feel the experience.