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Photo Credit: RofNY-Photography

If you haven’t been to BAM’s DanceAfrica Bazaar then you should at least make your way to the Memorial weekend event at least once.  As a citizen of the lovely borough of Brooklyn, I’ve been there and done that but I still go at least once because the JEWELRY, ART, THINGS and the PEOPLE can be inspiring or at least interesting to look at.  As planned, I hauled BIG colorful bangles – LUV them! [ 3 for $10 HELLO BARGAIN!] Also on the list was a perfect summer African print bag but to my chagrin, no score there.

Then here comes a bright spot.

A rush of joy filled my spirit when I meet the magnificent Quazi King.  I’m standing there in conversation with a friend and/or two, this man asks me to pose for his camera.  Being a past victim to suspect photographers, I asked what the images were for. Then someone said, this is Quazi!  I never held his face in my memory but his images were stained and embedded in my consciousness as I heard his name.  There are no words for his talent and it was beyond a pleasure to meet him and to be blessed by his lens.

*Good Times!*

Check out Quazi’s amazing shots from the festival –>HERE <


Photo Credit: Mike July

A few of my shots from the bazaar………