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Yes, I love my freakin hair!

I don’t wear my hair out often so when I gave my natural hair full autonomy for my birthday, it was a look that is rarely seen on me…something new to most

The topic of conversation amongst my friends was my number #1 protective style of choice – my wigs.

Comments included:

  • – Why did you put that on again?
  • – You look so much better & thinner with your natural hair.
  • – Take it off [ha, never! maybe not never or at least for now]
  • – Why don’t you like your hair?

On that last comment, somehow wearing a wig has translated into a disdain for my hair – not true!

I love my hair, wigs are simply easier for my lifestyle right now, that’s all! Nothing more and nothing less. Why can’t I wear my hair the way I want without judgment? I certainly will and can wear my hair as desired but I’ll never escape judgement and neither will you. Would it be better if my wig was curly to match my natural hair? Would I ‘appear’ to love myself more because it’s closer to my texture?

A wise man once said what people think of me is none of my business so I’ll just continue to follow that lead.